What is hashtag highjacking?

HashTag is used to increase the reach of your post.People use treanding hash tags on twitter and instagram to increase their followers and likes,comments,views on their post.Using HashTag is best way to get instagram followers .You can use your own hastags or you can use other popular hashtags.There are so many popular hashtags for example you are photographer then you can use #photography #shootout etc. Hijacking happens when a hashtag is used for a different purpose than the one originally intended. There are two types of hashtag hijacking: the attention seeking troll, and the PR campaign gone wrong. Let’s look at them both.
1.The Attention Seeking Troll
2.The PR Campaign Gone Wrong


1.The Attention Seeking Troll

The most common but not too harmful type of hashtag hijacking comes from the kind of person I call the “attention seeking troll.” You may have seen them. These are the Twitter jerks who use a hashtag to promote their own “click my junk” offer that has nothing to do with the hashtag. They use a popular hashtag because they know people are searching on that hashtag. Perhaps it’s a trending topic at the moment. They figure they will get some attention by adding a popular hashtag to their tweets. Businesses tend to run into the attention-seeking troll when they’ve set up a specific hashtag for a contest or an event. For example, if you are holding a Twitter chat, a troll may throw in some unrelated tweets using the hashtag you’ve designated for the chat. While annoying, attention trolls who abuse hashtags typically are not a major problem.They lob unrelated tweets like grenades. Then they quickly move on to another hashtag. The best thing to do with attention trolls is ignore them. Eventually they go away. It’s usually not a good thing to get into a virtual shouting match with a troll. If the troll persists and does the same activity repeatedly, you can report them to Twitter for spam. Among the activities defined as spam by Twitter are: Posting repeatedly to trending topics to try to grab attention Posting links with unrelated tweets That definition would seem to include tweeting using unrelated hashtags. To report a Twitter account for spam, you visit their profile page And if you want to get attention of people then you can buy twitter followers from howtobuyfollowers.net .

2. The PR Campaign Gone Wrong

The second type of hashtag hijacking is far more serious for businesses. This is when a hashtag that a brand sets up to generate positive PR(public relations), is hijacked by detractors. Instead of being used for positive sentiment, it is used for attacks on the business, or in a sarcastic or snarky way. One of the most notorious business situations of hashtag hijacking happened to McDonald’s. In early 2012 the fast food giant started a hashtag campaign called #McDStories. Although they sent out just a few tweets using the hashtag #McDStories, the public soon started using the hashtag — in ways McDonald’s never expected. Customers started telling stories of their own — stories about quality issues they’d encountered. Or they used the hashtag to make snarky remarks about the hamburger purveyor. The hashtag quickly trended – for all the wrong reasons. Members of the public, either unhappy with McDonald’s or just seeing an opportunity to have fun at a big brand’s expense, quickly turned the hashtag’s sentiment negative. Almost a year and a half later, you can still find the occasional #McDStories hashtag being used.These things also happens on instagram also if you want know how to get more followers on instathent check our website buy1000followers.net